2-Stroke Oil for Premix or Injector - 500ml Bottle
2-Stroke Oil for Premix or Injector - 500ml Bottle

2-Stroke Oil for Premix or Injector - 500ml Bottle


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Carlube 2-Stroke Oil for Scooters & Mopeds

2-stroke engine oil created for low RPM engines. Works equally well with "in tank" or injection lubrication systems. The oil is dyed red to make it easier to recognise when oil has been added to petrol.

Worried about mixing this with other 2-stroke oils? All types of two-stroke injector oils can be mixed. There will be no compatibility issues with this Carlube 2-stroke engine oil.

Well-priced 2-stroke oil
Can be mixed with other 2-stroke oils already used
Contains quality mineral oil & carefully selected additives
API TC & JASO FB compliant
For use in most two-stroke petrol engines, motorcycles, chain saws, lawn mowers, and some outboard engines - Avoid high RPM BIA-TCW engines.

Why buy Carlube 2-Stroke Mineral Engine Oil?

Great value 2-stroke mix oil, from a trusted brand.

Manufacturer Info for Carlube 2-Stroke Mineral Engine Oil

• Carlube 2-Stroke Motor Oil contains top quality mineral oil and carefully selected additives which ensure the thermal stability, anti-wear properties, engine cleanliness and protection against corrosion of bearings and cylinders of a modern 2-Stroke engine
• The product is suitable for premix, "in-tank" petrol mix systems, and metered lubrication systems

• Carlube 2-Stroke Motor Oil is suitable for use in all modern 2-Stroke engines of motorcycles, mopeds and scooters where the performance level shown below is specified. (Not recommended for high-powered motorcycles)

• When Using 2-stroke oils always refer to manufacturers handbook for correct quality level and fuel to oil mix ratio. Compatible with other JASO FB mineral oils including 2-Stroke Engine Oil for older Stihl tools.

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