ACF-50 Corrosion Block Grease - 396g

ACF-50 Corrosion Block Grease - 396g


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All the advantages of ACF-50 spray in grease form: You've heard of ACF-50 and now here's their grease form of it. Ideal for anywhere that you'd usually use grease: Bearings, callipers, hinges, locks, battery terminals and more.

The great ACF-50 performance: This grease uses exactly the same technology as the spray: It prevents corrosion for 12-18 months and kills existing corrosion. This stuff is awesome for protecting electronics and used as a light lubricant. The grease is also a bright blue colour so that it is easy to identify amongst your electronics and other parts.

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Manufacturers Specs

Corrosion Block has superior features:
• It is a superior anti-corrosion compound
• It kills existing corrosion in progress
• It prevents new corrosion cells from forming for 12-18 months
• It is an excellent penetrant
• It is an excellent light lubricant
• It is non conductive & excellent for protecting electronics

You've heard of ACF-50 spray, here it is in grease form! Ideal for anywhere you'd normally use grease: Callipers, bearings, battery terminals, etc.

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