Bullet Cherry Glow Carnauba Wash Wax - 250ml

Bullet Cherry Glow Carnauba Wash Wax - 250ml


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Treat your motorcycle to a wash fit for a king. This wash and wax formula goes a long way, with one bottle enough to wash ten cars. It smells great, who doesn't like cherries? It will not harm any surfaces of your motorcycle and best of all: Mild on paint, tough on dirt. It's easy to use and thanks to the wax formula, if you just wanted to quickly wash your bike, the shine left from this means you don't need loads of different bottles of products. A must have for any biker who doesn't have the joy of spending Sunday afternoons cleaning it!

Who are Bullet? Chances are, unless you've travelled America, you haven't yet heard of Bullet Polish and boy, you're missing out. Founded by James Oakey in 2010, this is the kind of company you want to buy from, a real business, run by real people. James and his wife retired and travelled America in an RV, after driving for two weeks, they stopped off in an RV park in Colorado. After speaking to locals, they were recommended Bullet Polish products to clean off the dirt their RV had accumulated. They were given one spray bottle, which lasted the rest of their six month trip. After getting back to the UK, they contacted America to find out that it was not available for sale in Europe and that is where it all began for James and his wife.

Why would I choose Bullet? Not only have they produced a range of products that do what you'd want them to do, they look nice and smell awesome. Why would you not want to treat your motorcycle to a proper wash? Heck, some of these products smell good enough to eat (but please don't, that would be silly). If it's white streaks and marks you're looking for, you're in the wrong place: All Bullet Polish products are streak free! These products are all about quality, about using a little amount to get a lot. As Bullet's Managing Director told us: "We do not tell people that our products are better than our competitors, they tell us".

Manufacturers Specs

• Put 3-4 capfuls of Cherry Glow into 5 litres of hot water
• Use a sponge or wash mit to wash vehicle then rinse with clean fresh water
• Dry with a Microfibre cloth for best results

250ml Bottle of Cherry Glow is enough to wash 10 cars

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to ship aerosols & liquids outside of the UK. Please do not purchase if you are located outside of UK, your order will be cancelled.

Cherry glow wash & wax. Smells good enough to eat. Treat your motorcycle to the wash it deserves: Mild on paint, tough on dirt! A little bit goes a long way: One bottle is enough to wash ten cars!

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