Bullet Enzyme Odour Remover Spray 125ml

Bullet Enzyme Odour Remover Spray 125ml


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Enzyme Odour Remover: Bullet 'Eliminator' enzyme spray

It's called Eliminator for a reason and it's 125ml of smell-busting power. An awesome product that destroys the enzyme that is causing the smell, instead of simply masking the smell. Use it on soft furnishings, on sofas, in the car, even in the motorcycle helmet or your running shoes - indeed, anywhere where there's a horrid smell or simply one that your nose doesn't appreciate. The Bullet Eliminator is powerful, fast-acting, and leaves a fresh smell. Awesome.

Bullet 'Eliminator' Enzyme Odour Remover Manufacturers Info


• Spray into the room, car or any smelly area
• If the unwanted odour is ingrained in the surface material then spray product directly onto the area
• Leave for a minute or two
• Rub the area with a cloth to further help

• R36/38: Irritating to eyes & skin
• In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water & seek medical advice

An odour eliminator that works: This one removes the cause of the problem & destroys the enzyme that is causing the smell. It doesn't just cover a bad smell.

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