Chemical Guys Extreme VRP Trim Dressing & Protectant - 16oz Bottle

Chemical Guys Extreme VRP Trim Dressing & Protectant - 16oz Bottle


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Restore faded blacks on your interior and exterior vehicle trims to their former glory: This water-based dressing can be used both in and outside the vehicle to restore faded trims, grills, grates, and more. The dry-to-touch formula does not attract dirt or dust and protects against future fading & UV rays. The Chemical Guys VRP protectant nourishes and restores faded black plastics and leaves them looking as new. Ideal for use on bumpers, mirrors, the dashboard, centre console, door panels - even tyre walls. Recommended: Purchase an applicator such as the Chemical Guys Durafoam applicator pad at the same time to avoid spread over the edge of the trim you are treating.

Manufacturers Specs

• Premium water-based dressing
• Refined cream formula spreads easily for fast application
• Restores deep-black look to vinyl, rubber, & plastic trim pieces
• Protects against fading & staining from harmful UV rays
• Dry-to-the-touch finish does not attract dirt or dust
• Penetrates deeply for long-lasting results
• Easily coats fairings, seats, mirrors, trim, grilles, grates, & more

Type: Interior & Exterior Trim Restoration
Features: Protect
Ingredients: Water-based

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