Chemical Guys Matte Auto Wash Car Shampoo - 16oz bottle

Chemical Guys Matte Auto Wash Car Shampoo - 16oz bottle


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Shampoo specifically designed for matte finishes & wrapped cars! This Chemical Guys Matte shampoo wash is one of the best matte car cleaning products out there and can be used on both matte paintwork and vinyl wraps. This matte car shampoo uses advanced foaming technology to lift away dirt and grime, which then glide off the car's matt paintwork gently and avoiding scratches. This car wash contains no gloss or shine particles, so you'll be left with a perfectly matte surface. The shampoo is formulated to remove bird droppings, insects, pollution, dirt, and dust with ease, leaving a streak-free finish.

Manufacturers Specs

• Great for matte paintwork & vinyl wraps
• Versatile for any "two bucket & foam cannon" method
• Cleans, enhances & protects
• Extra slick lubricants reduce the chance of swirls & scratches
• Removes dirt, dust, road grime, finger prints & more
• Streak-free formula

Type: Shampoo
Features: Wash
Ingredients: Natural

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