Hose Pipe Foam Lance - Multi-Ratio Adjustment for a rich lather

Hose Pipe Foam Lance - Multi-Ratio Adjustment for a rich lather


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Turn your hose pipe into a pressure washer to apply snow foam & soap suds: Use this garden hose high-pressure foam nozzle to cover your vehicle in rich snow foam.

Instead of a pressure washer, use the pressure of your garden hose to cover your vehicle in soap suds or snow foam. Easy & simple. Delivered complete with a standard connector for a garden hose, or attach with a suitably sized hose clip.

Depending on your water pressure, the experience of washing your car will be close to that of using a pressure washer. Even on low water pressure, you can get a rich foam cover: Simply use a lower dilution ratio and set the adjustable dial to position E. You will never want to go without again. Works brilliantly on motorcycles as well.

Manufacturers Specs

• Foam lance with a 900ml (30.5oz) mixing bottle to create a rich snow foam or soap lather
• Sprays soapy car wash foam by mixing the bottle contents with the water from the hosepipe
• Adjustable mixer controls
• Connects to standard garden hose - No pressure washer required
• Two spray heads included, one for snow foam & one for pre-washes or straight throughput

Type: Foam Cannon

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