262mm bucket barrier
262mm bucket barrier pictured with 20L bucket

Grit Guard for 20 Litres Car Valeting Bucket


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Grit guard for your 20L car valeting bucket

Separate grit and contaminants that could damage paintwork from the washing water you are using. This grit guard traps dirt at the bottom of the bucket, by stopping water swirling around and recirculating the contaminants for your sponge or mitt to pick up. Simple, but effective!
Grit guard for car valeting
Fits 20 litre valeting bucket
Stops contamination of sponge, mitt or chamois
Reduces the risk of swirls or scratches on the paintwork


Why this grit guard?

A simple product that does the world of good for your car-washing experience. Takes away the need to constantly refresh your water, and eliminates worry over scratched paintwork. It even has finger holes so you can easily lift it out! Please note: The bucket in the picture is not part of the delivery - just the grit guard!

Manufacturer's Specs: Grit Guard for 20 Litre Car Valeting Bucket

• Fits 20 litre capacity valeting bucket
• 262mm diameter grit guard, bucket not included

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