Hammerite Kurust Rust Converter - 90ml

Hammerite Kurust Rust Converter - 90ml


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Stop the rust setting in. When you get a stone chip or scratch on your motorcycle or other vehicle's paintwork, moisture in the air and rainwater get to work on ruining the look of it. Before this happens, step in and use some Hammerite Kurust. Kurust Rust Converter from Hammerite takes small areas of rust on your bike and changes them into a clean surface in just 15 minutes. The treated areas can then have a top coat applied after as little as three hours and does not need a primer or undercoat to be applied first. It is easy to apply and does not need rinsing off. A much better solution than sanding, priming, waiting, painting, and waiting some more.

Manufacturers Specs

Features & Benefits:

• Can be top-coated after only three hours
• No primer or undercoat required
• Simple to apply, no need to rinse off
• Converts iron oxide to stable iron complexes
• 90ml blister pack

Miracle product that chemically changes rust into a clean workable surface in just 15 minutes.

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