Holts Air Conditioning Odour Bomb Aerosol - 150ml

Holts Air Conditioning Odour Bomb Aerosol - 150ml


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Fight the smells from bacteria & germs: The smells that build up in your car can be hard to get rid of. The odours can build up in your air conditioning system and on your upholstery and carpets. To truly rid your car of odours and leave the interior smelling fresh, use Holts Air Con Odour Bomb. The professional formula of this aircon cleaner ensures that the underlying reason for the smells is removed rather than just masked, and it contains a pleasant aroma to leave your car smelling fresh and clean. Developed for the American market, the product description focuses on sanitising the air-con system .. however, the bio-fog circulates through the whole of the vehicle and sanitises all surfaces it comes in contact with. For an effective car interior cleaning routine, a bio-fog is an essential, inexpensive component.

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Manufacturers Specs

• Pack size: 150ml
• Buy multiple packs for large vehicles and vans
• Ensure the vehicle is aired for 15 mins after treatment with all vehicle doors opened wide

Type: Fog
Surface: Interior & air vents
Use: Sanitation

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