JLM E10 Petrol Fuel Treatment - 250ml

JLM E10 Petrol Fuel Treatment - 250ml


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JLM All-in-One E10 Petrol Fuel Treatment 250ml

This all-in-one ethanol fuel treatment extends petrol life and optimises combustion. It's catalyst-friendly and guards against lacquering.

• Protect your emissions system from damage caused by E10 petrol
• Extends the ageing time of ethanol, preventing it from forming incombustible waste
• For optimum combustion and removal of contamination
• Specially formulated octane booster increases fuel economy
• Use the dosing device on the bottle to measure 1ml per litre of fuel

Manufacturer's Spec

• Combats Corrosion
• Protects fuel injectors
• Lubricates valves
• Cleanses Combustion Chambers

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