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Oxford Solariser 12V Trickle Battery Charger for Batteries up to 75Ah - 1.5 Watt


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Oxford Solariser: Keep your vehicle battery in top condition without the need of a mains socket!

The OXFORD Solariser is a highly capable weatherproof solar battery trickle charging panel for 12V lead acid batteries. It comes with crocodile clips, a direct connection to the battery, as well as a cigarette lighter adapter for use in a car. It trickle charges even in low light conditions which means you can leave it underneath the bike cover! Perfect for anyone without a garage or a convenient power outlet. Trickle charges car batteries, motorcycle batteries, jet skis, or lawn mowers with standard lead acid 12V batteries.

Manufacturer Spec for the Oxford Solariser 12V Trickle Battery Charger

• One solar battery trickle charge panel with LED indicator
• Three connection options, all weather proof
1/ Crocodile clips for direct attachment to battery
2/ Permanent attachment leads to install a charging point on the vehicle
3/ A 12V outlet plug to charge vehicle batteries (only works if the 12V outlet remains 'live' while the ignition is turned off)
• Maintains healthy 12V batteries
• Trickle-charge current between 10mA-100mA
• No mains power required
• LED light shows battery will charge with available light, flashing LED indicates charging
• Wide operating temperature range (-20C - 70C)
• Panel is weather-resistant

A highly capable solar battery charging panel that trickle charges even in low light conditions, which means your vehicle starts every time.

Type: Trickle
Amps: 0.125
Voltage: 12V

How do I connect the Oxford Solariser 12V Trickle Battery Charger

The most common way to connect the trickle solar charger to a vehicle battery is to:

1/ place the solar panel inside the cabin where it catches the maximum sunlight - ideally nearest to the front windscreen;
2/ feed the cable through the driver or passenger door opening towards the bonnet - there is usually a decent way to do this along the bottom side of the windscreen, which then leaves around 10cms of wire exposed between door opening and bonnet;
3/ the cable is attached to the battery using the crocodile clips provided.

If the vehicle maintains a 'live' 12V DC ports, or 'cigarette lighter' socket, you can use the adaptor for that, which keeps everything neatly in the cabin.

For vehicles that shut off the 12V DC internal 'cigarette lighter' port when the ignition is off, you cannot use that adaptor to charge the vehicle battery. However, even if the front port is shut off, some vehicles have a permanently 'on' 12V DC port in the rear cabin or rear luggage area, which can be used.

We do not recommend fitting a permanent cable adaptor in vehicle engine bays due to the various moving parts, however there is one included for use with motorcycle, jet skis or lawn mowers.

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