Ring 4 Amp Battery Charger 12V for small Cars Lawnmower

Ring 4 Amp Battery Charger 12V for small Cars Lawnmower


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Perfect for 12V vehicles up to 1.2 litres

This battery charger is suitable for use with lead acid batteries. The LED indicators will show whether the unit is charging or if charging has been completed. Use this 4Amp battery charger with 12V vehicles up to 1.2 litre engine capacity. Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD 146 x 145 x 80.

Manufacturers Spec for Ring 12V 4A Essentials Charger RCB4

• 4A battery charger
• Suitable for 12V vehicles
• For use with lead acid battery
• For vehicles up to 1.2L
• LED indicators

Type: Standard
Amps: 4
Voltage: 12

Instructions - How to use the Ring 4 Amp Battery Charger:

The charger has 2 red LED lights. Connect the charger to the mains and then the battery, red clamp first to the positive terminal: If the battery is completely flat, both red LED lights turn on. Give it a few hours for the battery to recover from its deep discharge. You'll notice that the 'Fully Charged' red LED light will slowly fade to 'off' during the recovery process. Once that LED light is off completely, the battery starts charging. The 'Fully Charged' red LED light will light up red again when the battery is fully charged. There is no green LED light. This is not a trickle charger, so disconnect the charger at that point and top up the battery when required.

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