Ring 12V Battery Jump Starter Up To 3L Engine Size Portable

Ring 12V Battery Jump Starter Up To 3L Engine Size Portable


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Jump start vehicles without another car

The Ring RPPL200 jumper starter is just what you need when your battery has gone flat. As well as jump starting vehicles with its powerful Lithium Cobalt internal battery, this power pack doubles up as a power bank that can charge electronic gadgets such as phones or tablets. This jump starter can be used to start petrol-engined vehicles up to 3 litres in engine size (Diesel up to 1.8 litres capacity). The safe-connect system protects the vehicle, jump starter and you, the user, whilst the intelligent clamps safely manage power through reverse polarity, short circuit and anti-spike protection. Re-charge electronics in just two hours with the micro USB cable included. A built-in LED torch ensures you can see in the dark.

Ring 12V Battery Jump Starter RPPL200 Manufacturer Specs

• A safe & compact Lithium Cobalt LiCoO2 jump starter
• Compact design
• Power bank function 6000mAh, USB output 5V 2.4A or 9V 2.0A
• Fast 2-hour recharge time - micro USB charging cable included
• Suitable for small to medium cars & vans with Petrol engines up to 3L, or Diesel engines up to 1.8L - For a larger Diesel engine please choose the next larger jump start pack
• Intelligent clamps safely manage power between the jump starter & vehicle
• Reverse polarity, short circuit & anti-spike protection
• Includes integrated LED torch

Type: Power Pack
Use: Jump Starting Vehicle Batteries & USB charging electronic gadgets
Application: For cars with petrol engines up to 3 litres in size

Note: The packaging and user instructions for the Ring RPPL200 model show "2 Litres" as the engine size limit. This is the updated model with capacity to start Petrol engines up to 3 litres. The engine size limit for starting a Diesel engine is lower due to the compression of Diesel engines and the power required to start them - Ring states that the limit is "up to" 2 litres for Diesel engines. Please note that we recommend to use the larger model RPPL300 for Diesel engines larger than 1.8 Litres; That is based on our own tests.

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