STP Auto Air-Con + Car Interior Sanitiser Aerosol - 150ml

STP Auto Air-Con + Car Interior Sanitiser Aerosol - 150ml


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Sanitise the interior of your car & air vents: STP Auto Air-Con cleaner is a bio-fog that circulates through your air ducts and the entirety of your car interior. It reaches places you cannot reach and sanitises them, killing bacteria and germs. Sanitising is an essential part of a regular car care routine, particularly in this day and age. It is also inexpensive and easy to do. As a pleasant by-product: The STP Auto Air-Con cleaner also makes the car smell fresh again! Winning!

Manufacturers Specs

• Pack size: 150ml
• Buy multiple packs for large vehicles and vans
• Ensure the vehicle is aired for 15 mins after treatment with all vehicle doors wide open

Type: Fog
Surface: Interior & airvents
Use: Sanitation

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