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Redex Diesel Particulate Filter Regenerator 250ml - Clear

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Type: Diesel


Clear blocked DPF's with ease: As soon as your warning light comes on, pour this formula into the tank and fill up with diesel. The highly concentrated liquid will clear soot and regenerate any blocked diesel particulate filter. Suitable for all DPF's and quickly clears them. It works fast at a lower temperature to help prevent damage. Suitable for diesel engines.

Manufacturers Specs

• Redex DPF Cleaner lowers the temperature the soot burns at, meaning it burns away during normal driving without you having to get your engine very hot
• Cleans & reactivates DPFs
• Clears soot fast
• No costly repairs

More Information
Sale No
Brand Redex
Colour Clear
Type Diesel
Category Fuel Additives
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