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STP 400ml Emissions Reducer Petrol - Clear


Type: Petrol

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Reduce emissions before your MOT: This fuel additive can be used in petrol tanks and is designed to help vehicles pass their emissions test. The formula helps clean components that affect emissions. Simply add to your fuel tank one tank before your MOT.

Manufacturers Specs

• Fuel economy saving of up to 5.7 percent
• Clean & condition the entire fuel system
• Eliminate tough starts & engine run-on
• Deposit removal from all fuel delivery components
• Deposit removal from all combustion areas
• Stop knock & ping
• Restore lost power & acceleration
• Reduce octane requirement
• Reduce hesitation
• Reduce exhaust emissions
• Safe for use with catalytic converters & turbos
• Use every 6,000 kilometres for peak engine performance

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Sale No
Brand STP
Colour Clear
Type Petrol
Category Fuel Additives
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