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Technolube Dot 4 ESP Synthetic Based Brake Fluid 500ml - Black

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Type: Synthetic Based
Size: 500ml
Use: Brake Fluid


Understanding oil: Car oils used to be a mixture of base oil for lubricating engine parts. Today, the blend of additives found in oils ensure deposits do not build up, by removing dirt and suspending it until the next oil change. This increases fuel economy, lubricates moving parts and reduces engine wear. The thinner the oil, the less of a drag on the engine and so modern cars are now manufactured to take grades such as OW-20 and OW-30 instead of 5W-40 and 10W-40.

What do grades mean? Before multi-grade oils (used today) there were different oils for summer and winter. A multi-grade oil can be used all year round and is a combination of two viscosity grades. 0W for example means that the oil must meet a certain thickness for low temperature. The lower the W number, the better the oil works at low temperatures.

Manufacturers Specs

• FMVSS116 DOT 3
• SAE J 1703/1704
• Technolube Dot 4 ESP Brake Fluid has been specially formulated to enable Electronic Stability Program (ESP) systems to operate effectively over a wide temperature range
• Suitable for all ESP & other conventional brake systems using Glycol Ether based Brake Fluids
• Always refer to vehicle manufacturer’s handbook to ensure suitability for your engine

More Information
Size 500ml
Brand Technolube
Colour Black
Type Synthetic Based
Use Brake Fluid
Category Vehicle Fluids
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