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Car Battery Chargers

Don't get stranded with a flat battery! A new vehicle battery for a modern car or van can cost up to £200. An intelligent car battery charger costs only a fraction of that price. And, a well maintained car battery or leisure battery will last at least twice as long as a vehicle battery that is not receiving good care. A car battery can last years, typically five or more. The main cause for early car battery failure is that it has been “low charged” too often while standing in the cold.

Very few things are more frustrating than a car with a failing battery and the clicking noise that tells you that your car battery does not have enough juice the start up of the engine. The classic "I left the car lights on" is mostly a thing of the past now. Modern cars have all sorts of gizmos built in to ensure that nothing drains the battery unintentionally. That said, they've become far more sensitive to long periods of little use or periods where only short journeys are undertaken.

Almost any vehicle owner will be served well with a smart car battery charger. Often, these smart chargers are versatile enough to charge your AGM leisure battery, your motorcycle battery as well as your van and car battery. If you're in the market for something more basic, you can consider a trickle charger or maintenance charger to keep your car battery charge just topped up. If your living situation means your car does not have immediate access to an external power supply, a solar trickle charger may be just the thing to keep your vehicle battery ready to motor all year long.

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Car interior cleaning

The need to clean your car interior is not just for the car proud: The heightened risk of the transmission of COVID 19 means keeping your car interior disinfected and its surfaces clean without damaging the different finishes is a job for all of us.

However, if you have an animal with muddy paws as your best friend, or your car doubles up as the occasional work van, carrying around plaster, debris and work tools, you often will need to go one step further for a deeper clean of the car upholstery, carpet and car seats.

The key is: Get the right tools for the job to make it a car cleaning job that is completed in no time. Interior car cleaners will do an excellent job of brightening up the upholstery. Where the interior features leather, a car leather cleaner this required.

In between the glass, the hard and soft plastics and carpet fibres, the specialist interior car cleaning products we offer make sure you get the job done, either giving it a quick wipe over for fast results or delivering a deep clean of the car interior and upholstery if required.

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Car jump leads

Sometimes we get to the problem too late and the car battery this flat. Push starting a modern car is much harder than it used to be. As a result make sure you've got either a set of jumper leads at hand or a portable jumpstart pack. Jump start leads come in different qualities and grades, so make sure the cable core is sufficient to help start the size engine of your car and that the plastics are of sufficient quality so the cables remain usable over time. Jumpstart packs are a great solution if you can't rely on people being around to help you jumpstart your vehicle with the help of their car or van.

Jumpstart packs for car batteries are an example of where you get exactly what you've paid for: buying cheap or purchasing a brand you've never heard of is not only potentially false economy, it can also be dangerous due to the amount of amperage involved when the portable jumpstart battery pack discharges its power to help your car start. It's an item where you want to buy safe, choosing reliable brands that are familiar and reputable like Ring Automotive.

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Car seat covers

Whether you want to protect your vehicle interior from the mud and muck of your leisure activity, from the muddy paws of your 4-legged best friend or from the dirt of a site visit, car seat covers are an easy and effective way to provide protection.

They are also a fine way to spruce up the interior once the car seats are showing signs of wear and tear. Car seat covers are available in both waterproof or non-waterproof and breathable form. Which of those is right for you depends on the situations you are likely to encounter.

Luckily most car seat covers are now stretch-to-fit variety, which means to you that they are easy to put on and if necessary will fit different car seats in different cars equally well.

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