EEC 6-in-1 The Petrol Solution - E10 Fuel Additive - 250ml

EEC 6-in-1 The Petrol Solution - E10 Fuel Additive - 250ml


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EEC 6-in-1 The Petrol Solution - Fuel Additive - 250ml

Every 25ml shot will clean injectors, inlet valves, and turbo, increases MPG, prevents corrosion, and restores engine performance. Simply fill the dispensing chamber with 25ml and pour into the tank before fuelling up. Use one shot per 40L.

• Restore engine performance with this petrol fuel additive
• Cleanses and lubricates your vehicle's emissions system
• Regenerates your Gasoline Particulate Filter by reducing the combustion temperature of contaminants
• Lowers emissions and combats corrosion caused by E10 ethanol fuels
• The multi-shot catalyst can treat 400L of fuel

Manufacturer's Spec

• Injectors
• Inlet Valves
• Turbo
• Increases MPG
• Prevents Corrosion
• Restores Engine Performance
• One 25ml shot per 40L fuel

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