Pump action pressure sprayer - Car care products - 2 sizes - 1.5 litre and 2.0 litre
Pump action pressure sprayer - Car care products  - Spray Head

Pump Action Pressure Sprayer Hand-Held 2.0L - Detailing products


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Pump action pressure sprayer - Car care products

Hand-held compression sprayer that's ideal for pre-washing the outside of the car or applying fabric shampoo to car upholstery on the inside. Quality car valeting liquids often are 'concentrated' and need to be diluted before use. These pressure sprayer bottles are perfect to dilute the liquids to the right strength, and to apply it, fast.
Pressure sprayer for non-acidic liquids
Traditional pump-action compression
Trigger lock
• 2.0 litres

Available in 2 sizes
Sizes: Medium (M) = 1.5 litres, Large (L) = 2.0 litres

Why buy these pump action pressure sprayers?

Great value, solid quality. Once you've used one, you'll wonder why you never bought one before. Promise!

Manufacturer's Specs for Pump Action Pressure Sprayer

• Compression Sprayer
• Pump-action to pressurise
• Trigger lock, allows one-handed operation and pumping
• 2.0 litres - also available in 1.5 litres
• Specified for vehicle valeting & car care

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